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 I. Vocabulary and Structure( 60 points)

 Directions: There are 60 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A. B. C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

 1. On Monday morning it usually______me an hour to drive to work

 A. take   B .takes    C. is taking   D. will take

 2. The young couple often eats out because______ of them can cook

 A. both B. either C.neither D.none

 3. Not only I but also Tony and Rose ______ fond of swimming and fishing.

A.are  B.is C.be  D.am

 4. It is know to all that the Yellow River is the second ____river in China.

A.long  B.longer C.longest  D.longing

5.For some reason,l won't be able to___tomorrow's lecture on American history.

A.admit B.attend C.attempt D.assist

6.______English articles id a good way to improve English.

A.read B.reading C.having read D.have read

 7. My wife suggest that we_______have a picnic for a change this weekend.

 A .should B. could C.might D.would

8. She will go for vacation as soon as she______examination.

A. Finished B. finishes C.had finished D. will finish

 9. The teacher didnt give them the answers______ the finished their homework.

 A. while B.or C.until D.when

10. The new policy,_______, is about the tax reduction, is to be called out next month.

 A. that B. it C.what D. which

 11.The picture reminded him _______what he had seen in.

 A.of B.in C.for D.to

 12. For the past forty years, our country_____ great achievement in economy.

A.has made  B. had made C.is making D .was making

 13. I don't feel like going out for ______ in such terrible weather.

 A walk B the walk C walks D a walk

 14. You may use my room as you like _______ you clean it up afterwards.

 A.so far as

 B.as long as

 C.in case

 D.even if

 15. It is_____ a law in some countries to leave small kids alone in the house.

 A. beyond B.against C.without D.within


 17. You never told us why you were absent from the party,________?

 A weren't you B didn't you  C did you D were you

 18. Generally, ambitious students are more _______ to succeed in their studies.

 A. likely  B.possible C.probable D.surely

 19. How could you _______such a good job when you have been out of work for months?

 A Tum out B Tun down C Turn on D Tum up

 20. Work harder, _______ you will not be able to finish the task as required.

 A. but B.and C.or D.so

21._______is essential for human beings to protect the environment.

A.What B.This c.That D.It

22.________ Cindy joined the company only a year ago,she has been promoted twice.

A.because B.if C.Although D.when

 23. Please______ in mind that their customs are very different to ours.

A.keep B.put  C.join D leave

24 We usually have six lesson a day, and each of them ___50 minutes.

 A. continuous B. supplies C. brings D.lasts

 25.You'd better_______your shoes on the for at midnight when others are asleep.

A. not to drop B. not drop c. don't drop D. not dropping

 26. They had to tolerate much noise while the buildings were_____construction.

A under  B in C at D with

 27. The course is so difficult that it is certainly beyond the _______ of the beginners.

A.idea B.plan  C.reach  D.opinion

28.It's not always reliable to draw a conclusion on the ______ of the first impression.

 A. base  B basis  C bases D basement

 29. The chemistry professor has his students_______an experiment every week.

 A to do B done C doing D do

 30. Not until all the fish died in the river_____how serious the pollution was.

 A did the villagers realize    B the villagers realized

 C. didn't the villagers realize   D the villagers didi realize

31. Roy is not good at sports, but when it ____ physics, he is the best in the class.

 A. comes up to B.comes to C.come close to D.come around to

32.Some retired men in our neighborhood played chess to ____time in the afternoon.

A kill B waste C enjoy D Spend

 33. The repairman examined the car engine______, but could not find anything wrong with it.

 A throughout B exactly C thoroughly D altogether

 34,Jim_____money every month so that he can buy a new

 A set off B set in C. set aside D set up

 35. She brought with her three friends , one of I had ever met before

A these B, who C. those D whom

 36. I must be off now. it"s time that I to school

 A go B went  C will go D was going

 37. The fact Great Britain is made up of three parts is still unknown to many peopl

 A that B why C, what D which

38. _____is known to the world, Mark Twain is a great American writer

A, That B Which C what D As

 39. Would you mind _____over here?

 A.to come B.coming c.came D.come

40.No sooner had she sat down to dinner_____there was a knock at the door.rt.

A. When B.that C than D. what

41. The more fruits and vegetables you eat,_____chance of getting cancer you have.

 A little B less C the less D the least

42. Tim is a very talkative boy _____Mary is a girl of few words.

 A. When B while c as D though

43.Dr.Brown_________to make a speech about food society in our school last Friday.

A.Invites B.invited C.is invited D.was invited

 44 It was between 1920 and 1930_____television was invented in America.

 A. which B that C then D when

45.Early_____ it was traffic in the downtown area was already building up.

 A while B although C as D when

 46. he said that he'd like to take_____ of this opportunity to co-operate with you.

 A benefit  B occasion C profit D advantage

 47, Sarah wrote letter to the company to _____the job and was waiting for reply.

 A adapt to B apply for C, approve of D appoint to

 48. _____the government agrees to give extra money the theatre will have to close next week A Unless B if C. since D as 

49. Henry offered to_____Alice a hand , for the luggage was too heavy for her to carry.

 A borrow B show C lend C D help

50. How can teachers help to bridge the generation _____between parents and their teenager children?

 A division B gap C split D interval

51. He _____English for eight years by the time he graduates from the university

 A has learned B had learned C will learn D will have learned

52 To enjoy the scenery she would rather spend long hours on the train than _____by air

 A traveled B traveling C to travel D travel

53. Because they have difficulty_____the stress,some students turn to doing exercise.

A managing B to manage C manage D managed

54. Weather_____, the sports meeting will be held as schedule.

 A permits B should permit C permitting D will permit

55. I'd rather you _____go home alone. It's already too late.

 A couldn't B didn't C mustn't D might'n

56. All things_____,the piance trip will have to be canceled.

A be considered  B considered  C considering  D having considered

57._____enough time,1 would have gone into that subject more deeply.

A If l had had B lf l had C lf I should had  D If I have

58.He_____everyone to take part in protecting lakes,rivers seas and oceans.

A insisted B persisted C encouraged D provided

59.Time passes quickly when you are_____in reading an interesting novel.

A focused B attracted C tempted D absorbed

60.The new stadium being built for the coming National Games will be___ the present one.

A. as three times big as B. three times as big as c. as big as three time D.as big there times as

II.Reading Comprehension(50分)

Directions: There are 4 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them ,there are four choices marked A, B, C,and D, You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center .


 Passage One

    Shopping for clothes is not the same experience for a man as it is for a woman, A man goes shopping because he needs something .His purpose is clear and decided in advance. He knows what he wants , and his objective is to find it and buy it: the price is the second place for consideration(考虑) .All men simply walk into a shop and ask the assistant for what they want. If the shop has it,the salesman quickly produces it,and the man begins to try it at once. For a man, small problems may begin when the shop does not have what he wants, or does not have exactly what he wants. In that case the salesman will try to sell the customer something else, Very often, he offers the nearest thing that he can produce.

    Now how does a woman go about buying clothes?n almost every respect she does so in the opposite way .Her shopping is not often based on need. She has never fully made up her mind of what she wants, and she is having a look round .She will still be satisfied even if she has bought nothing.


61.According to passage a man's shopping is based on .

 A .his hobbies B.his need C.his money D.his friends


62.how does a man go shopping when he wants to buy something?

A. He makes a plan before he buys it

 B.He looks at it carefully and waits for a while.

 C.He never asks help from the shop assistant.

D.He discusses it with his wife and then buys it.


63.What is the man's attitude to the price of goods ?

A.He is often not sure of it .

 B.He wants to buy a cheaper one .

C.He does no care much about it.

 D.He regards the price with importance.


64.What does a women do when she goes shopping?

A.she often buys what she needs.

B.she knows clearly what she wants.

C.she will be sad with nothing bought.

D.she sometimes just look around the shop.


65.what is this passage mainly about

A.men's way of buying clothes.

B.women's attitude toward buying clothes.

C.men's problems in buying clothes.

D.the differences between men buying clothes.


Passage Two


   Night after night,she came to help me sleep.even long after my childhood years.I don'tremember when it first started annoying me-my mom's hands pushing my hair that way.But itdid annoy me,for they felt rough(粗糙的)against my young skin Finally,one night,1 shouted out at her,"Don't do that anymore-your hands are too rough!"She didn't say anything.but she neverdid it again.

   Years later,I missed my mother's hands and her good-night kiss on my forehead.I'm not alittle girl anymore.My mom is in her mid-70s,and her rough hands are still doing things for myfamily and me She's like a doctor to us.always knowing how to calm a young girl's stomach.Shecooks the best fried chicken in the world.Now my own children have grown up.It was late onThanksgiving Eve.As I slept in my bedroom,a familiar hand ran across my face to push the hairfrom my head.Then a kiss,ever so gently,touched my brow.

   Taking my mom's hand,I told her how sorry I was for that night I shouted at her.But my mom didn't know what I was talking about.She had forgotten it long ago.

   That night.I fell asleep with a new appreciation for my gentle mother and her caringhands And the guilt that I had carried around for so long was nowhere to be found.


66.The writer's mother once annoyed her when

A.she didn't help the writer sleep.

B.her rough hands touched the writer's skin.

C.she didn't say anything.

D.the writer was not in good health.


67.Years later the writer missed her mother's hands because

 A.she realized her mother was too old to do things.

 B.her mother could cook the best fried chicken in the world.

C.she understood her mother's love and hard work.

D.her mother had forgotten that night she shouted at her.


68.The word "appreciation"(in Paragraph 5)means_____in Chinese.

A.兴奋 B.惊讶 C.感激 D.害怕


69.What can we learn from the passage?

A.The writer's mother was a doctor and knew how to calm her stomach.

B.The writer hated staying with her mother at night.

C The writer felt sorry about what she did to her mother

D. The writer was not married and lived alone.


70.The story develops with the change of_____.

A.mother's hands

B.the writer's work

C.mother's attitude to the writer

D.the writer s attitude to her mother


Passage Three


   The laptop computer(便携式电脑)is popular all over the world because it is small enough for us to put the upper part of our legs. People use them on trains and airplanes. in airports and hotels.These computers connect people to their workplace. In the United States today,they also connect students to their classmates.

   Westlake College in Virginia will start a laptop computer program that allows students to do schoolwork anywhere they want.Within five years,each of the 1500 students at the college will get a laptop. Westlake College has stared a large computer program for its students. With laptop computer,the students will be connected not only to the Internet but also to libraries. In addition,they can use e-mail to "speak" with their teachers,their classmates,and their families.However,the most important part of the laptop computer program is that students will be able to use computers without going to computer lads. They can work with it in a fast-food restaurant or under the tress -anywhere at all.

   At Westlake College,more than 90 percent of the students use computers,either desktop(式)or laptop. but the laptop users can work and study in any of the places. Just as one of the Westlake teacher said."Here we are in the middle of the city and were giving students a window on the world."


71.The laptop computer is becoming more and more popular because it is(

A.very convenient to use in a lot of places

B.cheap enough for everyone to get one

C.small enough to put into one's pocket

D.easy to take to and from classrooms


72.What is the main purpose of the laptop computer program in westlake college

A.To allow the students to do schoolwork anywhere

B.To provider each student with a with a laptop

C.To offer the students more chances to work in the future

D.To offer the student more free time to do their schoolwork


73.which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.90% of the teachers and students in westlake college use computers

B. students will be able to use computers without going to computer labs

C.West lake college is making a program to encourage students to use desktops

D.Students in westlake college can do everything they like to


74.what is the meaning of giving students a window about the work in the last sentence

A.showing them pictures of the word

B.giving them chances to travel around the world

C.offering them information of the world

D.inviting teachers from other countries


75.we can lean from the passage that_____.

A.laptop computers are difficult to use

B.laptop computers are more powerful than desktops

C students in westlake college are very rich

D.students in westlake will mainly use laptops


Passage Four

It seems strange that while three-quarters of the world's surface is covered with water,getting an adequate(足够的)supply of it that's fresh,clean,and safe to use for drinking,cooking and washing, is one of the most important problems that faces humanity.Most of the earth's water is salt water in the oceans,only three percent is fresh and only a small part of that is possible. It may be trapped deep underground, and anyway unequally exist around the globe,so droughts and floods happen now and then. Of the remaining fresh water, much is polluted and dangerous to use.

A large part of UNICEF's(联合国儿童基金会)work is bringing safe water to people and educating them in basic health care.Some diseases spread by polluted water are the most common causes of death and illness in children under five in the developing world.

Although water gives life,it can also carry some kinds of disease-a leading cause of blindness among children,Mosquitoes,and flies that live near in water bring yellow fever, malaria(疟疾)and sleeping sickness, so good piped water supplies are needed to reduce the need for people to gather in such an area.

In the country,women and children spend a major part of their time going out to collect water,often walking many miles each day to provide just the limited family needs for cooking, washing and drinking . And they can't carry much while walking over rough fields bearing a

heavy bucket(桶)。

    Because children have to play their part in family life,and that includes getting water,they may be unable to go to school,or be so tired when they get there that they have difficulty learning.They may even have to spend the whole day without a drink as there may not be any

clean water there,either.

    Last year,UNICEF aimed to get almost 90000 water systems set up, to benefit 20 million people, working where it is most badly needed, often just to ensure keeping alive. A well may mean the difference between life and death:

76.what is the main reason for the lack of fresh water?

A.Most of the water is polluted

B.Most of the water is in the send

C.Most of the water is hard to get

D. Most of the water is in the land


77. what percentage of fresh water is drinkable on the earth?

A.more than3%

B.less than3%

C.more than97%

D.less than97%


78.What is the leading cause of blindness among children?

A. Flies B. Mosquitoes C.Piped water D.Polluted water 


79. The purpose of this passage is to ()

 A.inform the reader

B.comfort the reader

C.persuade the reader

D.frighten the reader


80.what can be inferred from the last paragraph ?

A water can spread disease

B water has nothing to do with children' illness

c some children have to lead a hard life

D children spend most of their time collecting water


|||. Translation( 20 points)


Directions: In this part, there is a short passage in English. Read it carefully and put it into Chinese.


Great changes have been made in family life because of science and technology. In the past, when more people lived in the countryside, the typical family had many children. In a farm family, parents and their children often lived with grandparents. Often, too, uncles and aunts lived nearby....... industry requires workers who are ready and able to move off the land to move again whoever necessary and large families cannot move easily from place to place as smaller families can ,so ,at present people tend to have smaller families



IV. Writing( 20 point)


Directions: For this part. you are required to write a composition of 120 to 180 words.You should base your writing on the title and outline given below.


On Dreams